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Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Teacher! - Hardcover Book


Brother and Sister Bear celebrate their new teacher in this heartwarming addition to the classic New York Times bestselling series The Berenstain Bears!

Brother and Sister Bear are very excited to be going back to school! But there's one big question on their minds--who will be their new teacher? Why, it's none other than Miz Bearly, known for giving lots of homework, loving pop quizzes, and always looking a bit grouchy. But the cubs soon realize that Miz Bearly can also make learning fun, and if they just give her a chance, they may even find this tough teacher is a big softy at heart.

The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Teacher! is a Level One I Can Read, making it perfect for independent readers learning to sound out simple words and sentences.

By: Mike Berenstain | Type: Regular Hardback
Jul 23 - Jul 25

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